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• Email delivery of voice and fax messages
• Web access of voice and fax messages
• Custom systems
tailored to your needs
• Professional Voice Recording Give your out-going voice messages a profession flare with our voice talent offering.

Feeling Vain?
• Request a number that
is easier to remember,
like 1-800-MY-STORE

"Of over 24 million that I did last year, 12 million was through my FreedomVOICE Systems."
- Brian R. Hutchison, KS


System Benefits
One number system
A Smart 800 number
Unified messaging
Professional Image
Powerful automation

Request a number that is easier to remember, like 1-800-MY-STORE

A vanity number can greatly improve your marketing results by making your number that much easier to remember.

There is a one time fee of $30 to set this up. 866 & 877 vanity numbers are easier to find, followed by 888 numbers, followed last by 800 numbers.

Note: shorter letter combinations will increase the possibility of finding a requested number.

The more letters in your request, the harder it will be to find an available number. E.g. (xxx) GETNAME is less likely to be available than (xxx) xxx-NAME or (xxx) NAME-xxx.

You can check on the availability of a vanity number simply by completing your order for a FreedomVOICE system and selecting the box that indicates you would like a vanity number.

NOTE: Please allow an extra few days to get these numbers assigned.


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