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• Email delivery of voice and fax messages
• Web access of voice and fax messages
• Custom systems
tailored to your needs
• Professional Voice Recording Give your out-going voice messages a profession flare with our voice talent offering.

Feeling Vain?
• Request a number that
is easier to remember,
like 1-800-MY-STORE

"Of over 24 million that I did last year, 12 million was through my FreedomVOICE Systems."
- Brian R. Hutchison, KS


System Benefits
One number system
A Smart 800 number
Unified messaging
Professional Image
Powerful automation


Special 6.9c/min (US) rate for Canada:
We are pleased to announce for those of you who have a lot of calls to and from Canada we are now able to offer you 6.9c/min USD for calls to and from Canada through our special Canadian Systems. This means no matter where the call originates, any of the 48 contiguous US states, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Canada you only pay 6.9c/minute in 6 second increments. For connected (conversation) calls you pay 11.3c/minute. Bulk minute plans are not available with special Canadian systems. Charges to your credit card are in US Dollars.

United States (including AK, HI, PR and Canada)
"Incoming" Rate "Forwarded" Rate
6.9¢ US 4.4¢ US

Incoming Rate: This is the usage rate for incoming calls including listening to outbound messages, leaving messages, listening to voicemail. This rate is also charged for Call Back message delivery, paging and fax back.

Forwarded Rate: This refers to calls that are call forwarded to you as well as to cardless calling card calls. Note because we connect two calls to create a forwarded call, add the Incoming rate to the Forwarded Rate for the total cost of the call.

Regular Rates
Area Inbound "Forwarded"
Continental US 6.9¢ 4.4¢
AK, HI 6.9¢ 4.4¢
Canada 6.9¢ 4.4¢
Puerto Rico 6.9¢ 4.4¢
Mexico N/A 31.2¢

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