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• Email delivery of voice and fax messages
• Web access of voice and fax messages
• Custom systems
tailored to your needs
• Professional Voice Recording Give your out-going voice messages a profession flare with our voice talent offering.

Feeling Vain?
• Request a number that
is easier to remember,
like 1-800-MY-STORE

"Of over 24 million that I did last year, 12 million was through my FreedomVOICE Systems."
- Brian R. Hutchison, KS


System Benefits
One number system
A Smart 800 number
Unified messaging
Professional Image
Powerful automation

Number Delivery

As part of our quality assurance each new voice system is carefully checked during the set up process. This means that they are delivered twice daily to new users, at approximately 10:00am PST and at 3:00pm PST. Orders placed after 3:00pm PST on the prior business day are normally delivered by 10:00am PST. Orders placed after 10:00am PST but before 3:00pm PST are normally delivered at 3:00pm PST.

After placing your order, you can easily check the status of your order via our order status page.


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