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• Email delivery of voice and fax messages
• Web access of voice and fax messages
• Custom systems
tailored to your needs
• Professional Voice Recording Give your out-going voice messages a profession flare with our voice talent offering.

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• Request a number that
is easier to remember,
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"Of over 24 million that I did last year, 12 million was through my FreedomVOICE Systems."
- Brian R. Hutchison, KS


System Benefits
One number system
A Smart 800 number
Unified messaging
Professional Image
Powerful automation


Market Segments & Descriptions
Now you can create the impression of a single office no matter where your employees or partners may live. We can assign each of your employees or partners their own private extension where we can send their calls. We can even differentiate business calls from personal calls so they know how to answer the phone.
We will provide you with your own unique toll free number that will ring into your automated call center, where you can direct your customers to multiple mailboxes. You will have your own custom greetings, and you will decide whether you want to take your calls live or you would rather have your customers go to voicemail. We will provide you with on-hold music, the ability to receive faxes on your toll free number, the ability to have all of your faxes and voicemails sent directly to your e-mail, and much more!!
We can provide you with a complete voicemail system without having to spend an enormous amount of money to purchase an in-house telephone system, also saving you the time and money of having to hire a technician to maintain your system.
Never miss another call! Don't let your competition beat you, just because you weren't in the office to make the sale. With our "follow me" voicemail solution we will find you no matter where you are. We can try as many numbers as you'd like until we reach you. We can even screen your calls, so that you can decide which calls you want to take and which ones you'd like to send to voicemail.
Not only create the important image of success a consultant needs to succeed but serve your clients better and create more billable hours. Our follow me call forwarding feature allows you to maximize your availability during working hours and free yourself from calls after hours. You can control the numbers where you can be reached as well as the times of day and days of the week you are accessible.
Our system will allow you to present an image of success and professionalism that will give your customers a sense of confidence in your company. We will provide you with a voicemail solution that will allow you to work successfully from your home without sacrificing your personal life.
What a great marketing tool to offer alongside your product or business opportunity! We can set up a voice system specifically for your business. This system can be set up with customized recordings that talk about your product or business opportunity. We can even load documents into your system, such as order forms or informational packets that your customers can request to be faxed to them.
This is a great way to keep families in touch. Your children will always be able to reach you in any situation, whether their off at college or need to contact you to pick them up from soccer practice. With rates as low as 4.9 cents per minute you can't go wrong!
Doctors can now call in and dictate a message and then get it transcribed into text. This saves doctors time and money, because they don't have to write out their patient's information. They can now just speak it, and then have a written medical document!
Never miss a sale! You will now be able to provide customers with information and take orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you won't have to take the calls live. We have an automated voicemail solution that will allow you to easily walk your customers through the ordering process step by step. We can even send all your orders directly to your e-mail!
Stop losing out on repeat customers and phone orders. Why chance making your home or mobile number available to the general public? Our solution is to provide you with a toll free voice system that can save you time and money, but allow you more sales! Your toll free number will convey an image of stability to your customers, winning over wary buyers who are concerned over fly by night sellers. Our system will also save reposting fees by allowing customers to phone in orders on your toll free number.
Use our toll free system to take payments. Take payment by check or by credit card. This is great for order taking!
We can provide information to your customers around the clock about your service or product, via custom recordings and fax back documents. We can also tier your information, so that a customer only hears the recordings they are specifically interested in.
Utilizing our "Ultimate Sales Tool" feature, a real estate agent will have an unlimited amount of boxes in which to record information about their homes or properties. After hearing this information we can give the customer the option to leave you a message or we can transfer them to you live. You can also have multiple real estate agents all using the same toll free number, all with their own unique extensions!

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