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• Email delivery of voice and fax messages
• Web access of voice and fax messages
• Custom systems
tailored to your needs
• Professional Voice Recording Give your out-going voice messages a profession flare with our voice talent offering.

Feeling Vain?
• Request a number that
is easier to remember,
like 1-800-MY-STORE

"Of over 24 million that I did last year, 12 million was through my FreedomVOICE Systems."
- Brian R. Hutchison, KS


System Benefits
One number system
A Smart 800 number
Unified messaging
Professional Image
Powerful automation


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Are your 800 rates competitive?
Our rates are as low as 4.9 cents per minute, which is extremely competitive.

Does your service require a contractual
agreement for any particular length of time?

No, subscriptions are on a month to month basis.

Do you offer technical support?
Yes, our client services department is open from 6am to 6pm, Pacific Standard Time, Monday through Friday. We can help you with any questions you may have about the system you're setting up. We can customize the system to meet your specific needs. We can setup rotational voicemail for your group. We can help you make scripts and recordings using our voice talent services. Our systems are designed to be very flexible to meet the needs of our customers.

How long can my recordings be?
As long as you like. The longest we currently have for one recording is about an hour.

How many outgoing fax documents can I have?
As many as you like. The main menu and each recording of the Ultimate Sales Tool can store its own fax document. Each fax document can be as long as you like; however we recommend not more than 15 pages.

Can I attach different outgoing faxes to
different recordings on the same system?

Yes, on the Ultimate Sales Tool you can have a separate fax-back document for each recording. This is essentially an unlimited number of documents.

How many telephone numbers will my system attempt to
reach me at with the "Follow-me" call forwarding feature?

As many as you like. You can even set the days of the week and the times of the day you would like to take calls at a particular number.

Can I select my own call forwarding preferences?
Yes, and you can set both the time of day and days of the week you would like to get calls at a particular number. The same is true for Call Back and for Paging.

Can you help script my recordings and my outgoing fax documents?
Yes, we work with professional copywriters who can assist you in compiling a powerful outgoing presentation as well as professional-looking fax documents. The costs associated with these additional services are quoted on an individual basis, but are quite reasonable.

Can I use my existing 800/888 number?
Yes, we can direct your existing toll-free number to your FreedomVOICE system. In fact we can attach multiple 800/888 numbers to your system.

How many inbound calls can my system handle?
The system is digital so we can actually take hundreds of calls simultaneously. This means you get the benefit of the marketing or advertising you're doing without interference from busy phone lines.

Can my associates duplicate my recordings
and fax information to their own system?

Yes, we can automatically duplicate your entire system to another 800/888 number on a separate system allowing for streamlined, efficient duplication. In fact we will even personalize and load your outgoing fax for you on the new duplicated system.

Why do you require a $25 dollar prepayment on usage?
A small prepayment is needed to cover the cost of calls, because each system has a toll-free number and we do not limit access to that number. Having you prepay the usage allows us to keep our cost to you as low as possible.

How much is it to get set-up?
For FreedomLITE the initial set-up cost is $44.90 when paying by credit card. (An additional prepayment of $75 is required if paying by check.)

For FreedomPRO the cost is a 2 month rental of $19.95 to 29.95/month (depending on the options) plus a $25 prepayment for a total of $64.90 to $84.90 to get started when paying by credit card. (An additional prepayment of $75 is required if paying by check.)

Can I start with FreedomLITE and upgrade
to the FreedomPRO at a later time?

Yes. No problem.

Do you offer credit for customer referrals?
Yes. Our current customers receive a one-month credit on their monthly rental for every new customer they refer.

Still have more questions?
You can email us at support@freedomvoice.ca, or check out our contact page.


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